MOD Project

The (Virtual) Struggle is Real

This morning I once again deleted the facebook app off of my ipad. To get back into facebook, I will need to re-load the app and find my impossible-to-remember password buried in my planner. If you’re familiar with Frog and Toad are Friends, this is the social media equivalent of boxing up the cookies, wrapping… Continue reading The (Virtual) Struggle is Real

Tiny Nomadic Studio

I know I write a lot about the thinking parts of art, but here’s a peek into the nuts and bolts of my practice. If you’re semi-nomadic like me, having a nomadic studio can help a great deal. Drawing, ideally, is an extremely simple practice when it comes to supplies. Something to mark with and… Continue reading Tiny Nomadic Studio

Bamboo in Black and Red

I read a story recently where a zen master was painting bamboo with red ink. One of his students told him that was stupid because bamboo isn’t red. To which the master replied, “Oh, right- because bamboo is black?” This made me laugh because of a similar realization I had as a child. I remember… Continue reading Bamboo in Black and Red

You Just Lost the Game

If you’re a millennial, like my brother, you’re cursing my name right now. For the rest of us who need the game explained, I’d be delighted to help you lose it. The rules of the game are: If you are aware of the game, you are playing the game. Don’t think about the game. If… Continue reading You Just Lost the Game

My Mind and My Skull

I’ve been working on developing a method- something repeatable and hopefully explainable- of mindfully drawing as a meditative practice. To this end (“end”- ha!) I’ve been drawing almost every morning for at least a half an hour for the past few months. I’ll flesh out how I’m understanding some of these terms before I try… Continue reading My Mind and My Skull

I Want to Teach you to Draw

Glen was the first man to strip naked for me to draw him. He was very casual about the whole thing, chatting as he struck poses. He’d clearly done a lot of life modeling and understood how to give the whole room something interesting. In one of our first sessions, he got cheeky and struck… Continue reading I Want to Teach you to Draw

Art is Hard, Part 3: Why Art is Hard

The idea that some people are more creative than others is bullshit. I won’t deny that there are variations in aptitude and interest, but I do believe we all have a creative capacity and that we would be healthier happier people if we exercise that capacity. This has a lot to do with creativity’s relationship… Continue reading Art is Hard, Part 3: Why Art is Hard